Dan White - Now You Are Here EP


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Release Date: Mid-September

Debut record from Melbourne record store Cry Baby via Dan White. Jungle, IDM & Ambient all inside.

Shouts to the Salmon boys aka the Lazy Resta, Sauce Master G, WozUFO & djEm, Scrapman, Crimps & The LJs family dancecrew. Nimrod & Mind Twist, Cabbage Brax, Donald, Turner Street, the e4XT, IV Crew, Chippa, Coosey, Bourne n Berry, Mic n Frank, Heads, TGMN, Token, NiMH, Plastic Jam & the Amen, AA, Lorry, the Hams, J Train, Studio Pressure, Babs and Baby Björn. 
jungle mania is upon us…


a1. Precognitive Dreams 

b1. VP3

b2. Fearless Freak