Opus - Sharpie EP


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Released 27th July 2018

This past year has seen the steady rise of Opus; a budding producer who has undoubtedly begun making waves within the dubstep scene for continuously crafting versatile, dynamic heat amidst his ever-evolving, idiosyncratic soundscape. Opus stands as no stranger to engineering a slew of notable beats, thanks to his seemingly intrinsic musical prowess coupled with a knack for reaching far beyond the constructs of conventions and expectations. This sort of ravenous creative mentality has earned Opus a debut release on White Peach Records as well as a subsequent release with Encrypted Audio, not to mention play support from the likes of scene heavy hitters such as Noisia, Bukez Finezt, Goth-Trad, Sleeper, Commodo, DIstance and Jack Sparrow.

Taking large strides forward, Opus’s music is poised to find an apt home with Sleeper’s boundary shattering Crucial Recordings imprint with the release of his Sharpie EP (CRUCIAL018). Echoing the philosophies of Crucial Recordings’ standard-setting and ever-expanding output, Opus’s Sharpie EP stands as a perfect addition to the imprint’s multifaceted and boundary shattering catalogue. The release unlatches with its title track, “Sharpie,” laden with an undeniably energetic melody coupled with puncturing percussion and indistinguishable yet highly effective vocal sampling. Sharpie’s equally robust B-side boasts the powerfully dark, dizzying and volatile “Peel,” packed with a surprising dubby twist, culminated by “Newspeak;” a vigorously twisted, string-driven conclusion to a truly distinct and exceptional collection.

a1. Opus - Sharpie

b1. Opus - Peel

b2. Opus - Newspeak