Lake Haze - Natural Insight EP


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Released 4th March 2016

A1 – Solar Express: The first piece of music on the Natural Insight EP is a deep synth adventure that has plenty of details & features. The analogue sounding pads that envelope the intricate leads have a real warmth to them whilst retaining an unprocessed feel. The main synths themselves are quite free form in their structure, this gives a fluidity and movement to the melodic lead section. There is also a raw acidic 303 sound that gives more immediacy to the track and complements the softer elements to perfection. The percussive components are formed with a kick, snare, click, tom and hat combination that has a great energy to it. Solar Express has a forwarding thinking way about it, but has its roots firmly in the past; and with instantly recognisable core, a great way to start the EP.

B1 – Unknown Locations: We flip over to the ‘B-Side’ with the first slice entitled “Unknown Locations”. We find a full blown almost early techno rave quality to it. This is a good thing, as the amount of raw power in the track will literally have the listener nodding their head off their shoulders in some crazed dance frenzy of days gone by. The beats are straight out of the early 90’s techno bag, with solid kick drums, manic tapping snares, urgent hats and metallic percussive sounds. This excellent groove is accompanied with a hammering main synth part that really has an addictive quality to it. This track bounces along and has such a great uplifting vibe to it you can’t help but smile when you hear it chugging in the groove.

B2 – Geisterbahnhofe: Lake Haze close the EP with a downtempo acidic number that has all of the parts that made the previous two tracks so successful to the ear. The one / two beat structure with the retro synth sections are really reminiscent of 80’s TV show soundtracks, think Miami Vice and you are in the right ball park. The snappy snare really stands out in the rhythm of the tune, and the acid line just drops in and around this beautifully. An urgent of the main synth part really gives a powerful and dramatic feel to the track. This is laid back but with a little subtle power to it, its probably not as dance floor oriented as the previous two tracks but it still has plenty energy.

a1. Solar Express

b1. Unknown Locations

b2. Geisterbahnhofe