TMSV - Ego Death


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Release Date - 8th March 2019

Om Unit and Cosmic Bridge announce "Earthbase" a new club focused release series. Over to Om Unit for the full announcement. 

"I am excited to announce 'Cosmic Bridge - Earthbase Series' a new series of releases that will showcase the more 'club' side of what we do at Cosmic Bridge. The EARTHBASE catalogue numbers will represent music aimed at the dance, whilst Cosmic Bridge's main label series will continue to examine the possibilities offered by exploring the depths of space..." 

Earthbase begins with TMSV - a label favourite who with his past releases for Cosmic Bridge, have showcased his unique approach to 160-170 bpm music, melding tropes from dubstep, footwork and jungle with apparent ease. as TMSV, Tomas Roels has influenced a new generation of producers operating at these tempos while simultaneously being a central figure in the modern dubstep movement, where he continues to release explosive sound-system weapons. 

Om unit says... "TMSV is the perfect candidate to begin our journey with Earthbase. His precision sound-design and expertise as a DJ make for a explosive mix in the studio, so we proudly present EARTHBASE01 - TSMSV - 'Ego Death'." 

The EP opens with 'Ego Death' - A title which gestures towards the phenomena often reported by psychonauts during psychedelic experiences, a chugging half-time workout complete with old skool dubstep elements and dizzying synth lines. The A2 comes in form of 'Nobody Asks' which goes for the jugular with a 170bpm half-stepping jungle-led frenzy complete with enourmous bass-drone and piercing drum programming aimed straight for your nearest forest rave. The B side kicks off with 'Smarter Than You' which is a thick slice of energetic dancehall junglism with some grime elements thrown in for good measure, finishing with the contrastingly mellow and spacious 'Ending One' which harks back to Cosmic Bridge's early days, taking in a loose 'wonky' feel whilst maintaining wisps of the modern jungle sound. 

All in all a well-rounded set of gear that whilst aimed for your local sound-system, works equally well in the headphones thanks to Tomas's legendary sound-design and mixing skills.

a1. TMSV - Ego Death

a2. TMSV - Nobody Asks

b1. TMSV - Smarter Than U

b2. TMSV - Ending One