Om Unit Presents Cosmology Selections (Ltd Edition 3x12" Vinyl LP)


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Released 17th February 2017

For its first vinyl album Cosmic Bridge celebrates the diversity and strength of its international roster with a selection of 12 tracks from the celebrated Cosmology digital compilation series, which earned a DJ Mag compilation of the year shortlist in 2014.

Cosmology Selections is one for the label’s ardent followers with some of the best loved tracks from the series being pressed to vinyl — across three 12”s — for the first time. Making the cut are label mainstays Danny Scrilla, Moresounds, Kromestar, and Om Unit who each contribute distinct takes on the dubwise fusion of old and new that has been the hallmark of Cosmic Bridge. Newer additions are also represented with DJ Madd and Jay Spaker’s uplifting roller ’After Dark’, J Kenzo’s furious ‘Skatta VIP’, and TMSV’s oppressive ‘Send Them Come’. Rounding things off are four collaborations between label head Om Unit and Moresounds (’Nuff Music’), Fracture (‘Chatting Breeze’), Distance (‘Half The Battle’), and Kromestar (‘Solar Cycle (Melody Mix)’) that take in everything from lurking eyes-down riddim to breezy footwork and sweeping sci-fi meditation.

Cosmology Selections represents over five years of forward movement at the edges of electronic dance music, shining a light into the darkness for those who would follow. “This selection represents some of the best of our bunch,” says Jim Coles, aka Om Unit. “It’s one for our fans, without whom we have nothing to talk about.”

a1. Om Unit & Moresounds - Nuff Music

a2. Kromestar - V7STX

b1. DJ Madd feat Jay Spaker - After Dark

b2. Danny Scrilla - Riddim

c1. Moresounds - What A Party

c2. Om Unit & Fracture - Chatting Breeze

d1. Om Unit - Spiritwerk (Loxy & Resound Remix)

d2. Om Unit x Distance - Half The Battle

e1. TMSV - Send Them Come

e2. J:Kenzo - Skatta VIP

f1. Om Unit vs Kromestar - Solar Cyle (Melody Mix)

f2. Om Unit - Hidden Dread