DJ Madd - Rum Punch EP


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Released 2nd October 2015

DJ Madd is Hungarian-born New York resident Peter Simon. Arriving via Bristol and Tokyo he has been writing music since his early teens and scored his first vinyl release in ‘08. Highly acclaimed for his WAR series of white label releases, he bridges the sonic connection between underground bass music and the Jamaican reggae sound. Amongst others, he has also recorded for N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records, Dubstep mainstays Boka & Subway, Dub specialists ZamZam Sounds, Junglists 36 Hertz and Chemical Records brilliant and sadly defunct Black Box label.

Madd’s Cosmic Bridge debut, the “Rum Punch EP” further refines his soundbwoy science with four big riddims designed for big rigs. Operating in the fertile 160 BPM range he combines heavy 808’s with classic dubwise sounds, touching on Jungle, OG ‘06 Dubstep, Hip-Hop and Dub. He says.... “My focus is to bring the fusion of reggae music with modern sounds to the next level.”

Sharpened stepper ‘Dredlok’ fires the first round at Babylon; sci-fi dread synths conspire with the spectres of a murderous Ragga vocal, natty halfstep drums and an incendiary LFO tweaked bassline that will rumble on any system very nicely. EP title track ‘Rum Punch’ follows with steel drums (their inclusion inspired by Dillinja’s clas- sic All Aboard) rolling breaks and colossal weighted bass enveloping another fine-cut 808 beat.

On the flip, is the more stoned and rolling, ‘SPCL RQST’. Wide arcing synth pads and shadowy robo-Rastafari vocals samples drift out into space, while the tracks pressurised digidub FX and seriously deep dub chords give a riddim lesson for many, and a red-eyed flashback for the rest. ‘Duppy’ closes; a sticky digickal roots bubbler for all malevolent spirits. Raw sweeping square wave bass and more dub FX ride on the cushioned sub bass and hydro-charged breakbeats that, like the rest of the EP, are all mixed down for serious soundsystem play, no heavy limiting/compression just dynamic vibes, so we let it all breathe!

Om Unit says.... “Cosmic Bridge releases so far have drawn on a lot of styles within sound system culture but I had been thinking, what’s missing from the picture so far is a representation of the dub element; So when legend in the scene DJ Madd approached me with some more uptempo tunes it seemed fitting to draw on his talents. He specialises in modern dub and does it with such style. So here we are.. a killer 4 tracker with a slice of pineapple on the B side. Who can argue? Rum Punch mate, vibes!”

a1. DJ Madd - Dredlok

a2. DJ Madd - Rum Punch

b1. DJ Madd - SPCL RQST

b2. DJ Madd - Duppy