Czechowski - COSI002


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Release Date: October 2016

COSI002 further documents an emerging, ex-Germanic theory of Perth dance music, typified by tracks built on techno’s stern compositional logic, but poly-functional and cross-disciplinary, wearing the stripes given to them by this most nonpareil of electronic music ecosystems.

The EP has both dance floor heft and mood-focused flexes. 'The Hunt' is a solarised, laser-sharpened and hi-hat driven garage/big room hybrid. 8-minute 'M is for Audio' is a workhorse techno slow burner with all the red-eyed melancholy of greats like 'Acid Eiffel' and 'Deep Burnt', acid burnt and stinging at the mid-range. Conversely, 'Rube' abounds with percussive warmth and ear-dancing patterns, as does 'Freshness and Convenience', a bastard union of dusty breaks and a hard funk bassline. The EP ends with ambient cyber walkabout 'Freetown', peripatetic, matte-toned and pulsing with vital signs.


a1. Rube

a2. Freshness and Convenience

a3. The Hunt

b1. M is for Audio

b2. 4feextwn