Dan Lywood - JUNK


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Release Date: 29.11

Lywood has worked alongside some of the most prestigious names in art, fashion, music and film - from Led Zeppelin to Louis Vuitton, The Venice Biennale to The Serpentine Art Gallery, in a career spanning over 20 years. JUNK sees Lywood stepping into the limelight for the first time with these eight epic psychedelic dance-floor and spaced out instrumental visions.
JUNK is inspired by Vik Muniz’s ground-breaking documentary Waste Land, which tells the story of the landfill site, Jardim Gramacho, on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro. Recycling fragments of German electronica, disco and 80’s synth from his childhood and fusing these with new, found sounds, Lywood takes us on a journey through his world of JUNK re-imagined.
Five of the tracks are named after some of the largest landfill sites around the world, and Trash Vortex is named after the swirling mass of plastic waste the size of Texas, in the North Pacific. Lywood stays close to Muniz's mission to “change the lives of a group of people with the same material that they deal with everyday”.
** Cover artwork by Keith Coventry, the celebrated fine artist represented by Pace Gallery**
The debut Cochabamba album comes courtesy of respected sound designer and fine artist Dan Lywood!

a1. Big Trees Are Kings

a2. Sudokwon

a3. Fresh Kills

a4. Bantar Gebang

b1. K’ara K’ara

b2. Trash Vortex

b3. Agbogbloshie

b4. An Empty Silence