DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckguertel - Red Scorpions [2xLP w/ Download]


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Released 7th June

After their fatter than a 'Deepfried stick of butter wrapped in bacon' Speckbass EP collaboration on Sex Tags Ufo a few years back DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckguertel team up once again! The full length 'Red Scorpions' album, showcasing their mastery in the studio, is the result. A cornucopia of all that's classy about house and techno rolled into one and spread over 4 sides. Not afraid to use the tried and true ingredients of House music to full effect on 'Red Scorpions' they incorporate all the best from US and Europe's club music into a fresh but familiar package.

01. Harpo

02. Red Scorpions

03. Sunshine in the Limousine

04. Enjoy This Limousine

05. 6Drops (Piano Mix)

06. 6Drops (Technocid Mix)

07. Ibiza Ritter

08. Sting Collins

09. Sonnen Ambiente

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