Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I [2 x LP]


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Release Date: 26th April 2021

First part of the Drexciya re-issue series! Drexciya might need an introduction for some, for others it is the most influential techno project ever. Part of the heritage of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Drexciya explored techno music like no-one else before. Raw and uncompromising music that reflects the harsh environment of the city where Drexciya was conceived. The aesthetics and the mythical approach combined with the unique music made this one of the biggest cult projects in techno music. Drexciya arguably stands for the darker side of techno and electro, music not only made for the club scene, but a further development of the music as an expression and extension of the mind. 20 years after the release of ''Deep Sea Dweller'' (their first release), and 10 years after ''Grava 4'' (their last), we present ''Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller''. This series is an almost complete collection of their early works, and is remastered from the original master tapes. Since the original releases have such a strong character, appeal and stand on their own, this re-issue can never re-create the magic of those originals. So instead we stirred up the catalogue taking the tracks out of their original context, giving the 'in the know' listener a fresh experience and the new listener a document that is the best possible introduction to the aquatic world of Drexciya. 

a1. Welcome To Drexciya

a2. Wavejumper

a3. Lardossen Funk

b1. Bubble Metropolis

b2. Hydro Theory

b3. Take Your Mind

c1. Aquarazorda

c2. Unknown Journey I

c3. Dehydration

c4. Beyond The Abyss

d1. Sea Quake

d2. Rubick's Cube

d3. Darthouven Fish Men