Ubre Blanca - Terminal Island


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A1 – Escape from Terminal Island, Ubre Blanca starts this fine retro cool wave EP off with some lovely 80’s inspired synth noodling’s, a tidy arp bass sound which makes you instantly think of things like Airwolf or Street Hawk etc - soundtracks of classic TV fame. They are smothered with little sparkling sounds and space piano vibes that really add to the styling of the track, once the drums kick in it kind of rubber stamps it and puts the final touch on this nostalgic trip.

A2 – Muscles & Jungle, The cool wave vibes continue here with this really beautiful synth driven beast, again the use of quality 80’s synth sounds and arpeggio riffs really capture the magic of this period in time but re-imagined in a modern way, very futuristic and well made this track really does tick all of the boxes as far as this genre of music goes - very cool indeed.

B1 – Red Skies, As you gather by now we are firmly in retroville with this EP, Red Skies builds on what has gone before and keeps the quality production coming, if you like all things synth then this driving progressive track will be the one for you. It really lifts as drives forward with a wonderful uplifting melody that has got both beauty and edge.

B2 – World On A Wire, We finish things off with a very thoughtful and more downtempo piece, the production quality oozing pure wonderment and synth perfection. This is a great way to wrap up the EP, mellow sounds and well crafted beats make this tune a must have for the old school synth lovers around the world, the main synth line really stands up on the track and has a real power to it, proper 80’s vibes.

In summary Ubre Blanca does an absolute stunner with the Terminal Island EP  a must have piece if vinyl for lovers of synth based music that nods its head well and truly at the 80’s decade but modernises and refines that sound.

a1. Ubre Blanca - Escape From Terminal Island

a2. Ubre Blanca - Muscles And Jungle

b1. Ubre Blanca - Red Skies

b2. Ubre Blanca - World On A Wire