Eliphino - Maelstrom


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Release Date: 18th December 2020

A smorgasbord of sounds and moods are offered up on Eliphino’s first Hypercolour release since 2013.

The London based producer’s output has always been few and far between, but his releases are always well worth the wait. Issuing singles and albums for Secretsundaze, Brownswood Recordings and R&S offshoot, Meda Fury, Eliphino has kept the quality tight and the quantity scant.

‘Maelstrom’ draws together four new cuts, from the warming and grandiose title cut, bass heavy electro work on ‘Bubbling Glass’, the ruff & moody breakbeats of ‘Eddy’ and the fragmented shuffle and futuristic tones of ‘One Day’.

a1. Eliphino - Maelstrom

a2. Eliphino - Bubbling Glass

b1. Eliphino - Eddy

b2. Eliphino - One Day