Persons Unknown - 2020 Pianism Remix EP


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Release Date: 17th April 2020

This 4 Track EP with 3 Unreleased VIP mixes of the original tracks and 1 extra unreleased track from 93. Written and Produced by S. McCutcheon (Syko) & R. Haigh (Omni-Trio) under the name 'Persons Unknown'. These group of artists collaborated on a number of tracks which were released on the Candidate Records label (a sublabel of Rob’s in-house label, Parliament Music). However, there were a number of unfinished, archived and VIP remixed tracks that are now scheduled for release on Blueskinbadger Records.

“ One day in early 91 a customer (Syko) came into my shop and played me a rave tune that he had produced on an Amiga. I was so impressed that I offered to put it out even though I didn’t have a label at that time. I then started to fuse my own existing ideas with the new possibilities of sequencing and sampling. Omni Trio grew out of this experimentation, around this time the Parliament Label was born...” - Rob Haigh

a1. Persons Unknown - 2020 2 You Vip

a2. Persons Unknown - 2020 Pianism It's All About The Fuckin' Piano Mix

b1. Persons Unknown - Boom! 93 Mix

b2. Persons Unknown - 2020 Break The Edit VIP