Various Artists - FKOF10 [2x12" Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 18th September 2020

We survived 10 years. Holy FKOF we did it - with your help! To celebrate, we’ve put together a record worthy of getting through our first decade. 8 tracks. 4 remixes. 2 records. 1 FKOF vibe: beats, bass and space.

The FKOF10 ‘A’ record features 4 artists new to both physical and digital imprints. We have original mixes from Feonix, maessounds, Ourmanmusic, EshOne & djwheezie.

The FKOF10 ‘B’ record features 4 heavyweight remixes of FKOF material from the last 10 years. Distance has reimagined roklemdubs ’ ‘Forged‘ from FKOFd039. N-Type has done subreachers’ ‘Fear‘ from FKOFd002(!). LXOne has put his twist on Phossauk’s ‘Drones’ from FKOFd037. The godfather Benny Ill, the one and only Horsepower Productions, has remixed ‘Madda’ from our 2016 FKOFd029 EP with Chokez.

a1. Feonix - Things I Say

a2. Maes - Jah, Jah Living

a3. Ourman - Lupin

a4. Eshone & Wheez-ie - Crawlspace

b1 Subreachers - Fear (N-Type remix)

b2. Chokez - Madda (Horsepower Productions’ 2D remix)

b3. Roklem - Forged (Distance remix)

b4. Phossa - Drones (LX One remix)