Presha - RATS [Marbled 12" Vinyl w/ Full Artwork Sleeve]


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Release Date: 22nd October 2021

“After more than 25 years of active absorption of Drum and Bass music, the pandemic finally scrambled my daily life and cellular imprint enough to clear a path for a solo musical contribution.

Many people that were around in the mid/late ’90s are still living off the charge that the unbridled innovation those few years gave us all. RATS is built on this energy.

RATS is a distillation, refinement, and reconstruction of definitive elements and combinations that have become signals for authenticity in my experiences with the genre and continue to be the backbone of the foundations of this music.

RATS tunes were designed as integral parts of my DJ sets to replace the tunes from the late 90s / early 2000s that I have worn out, but retain their effectiveness with updated production strengths. So far these have worked for me, now it’s time for you to test these and see if I succeeded.

RATS is a love letter to the genre that has come to define my life for a quarter-century.” Presha

DJ Mag - EP of the month Oct 2021

The Spell - DJ Mag Premiere 19 Oct 2021

"I’m completely blown away by @preshasamurai first-ever solo release that it is the first record I have bought on vinyl for about 20 years! I just had to own it! He’s always been a big fan of my music and back when he was a promoter was the first person to book me in his home country of New Zealand all the way back in 1997. Since then he has moved several times, now settled in Berlin, but he has always been a champion of the deeper, darker underground side of DnB. His labels have gone from strength to strength. I talked to him yesterday about how good I think this is and he very kindly cited my influence. But honestly, like some sort of Ninja, it’s like he has summoned up all his experience of music in the last couple of decades and injected it into this first release! I’m gobsmacked and in awe at how refined and good it is!" Dom and Roland

a1. Presha - Mainliner

a2. Presha - Vendetta

b1. Presha - RATS

b2. Presha - The Spell