Various Artists - Edition 3 [3x12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 5th June 2020

Proudly presenting the 3rd instalment in our 'Edition' series - Edition 3 (Various artists LP). It includes tracks from Alix Perez, Machinedrum, Lordel, Deft, Visages, Monty, Ternion Sound, Drone, Cesco, and Bredren. In keeping with our ethos as a platform for multiple styles of music, this release spans tempos from 85-140-170 bpm. The artwork is a continuation of our previous releases, made by Sineater. This release will be available as a 3 piece vinyl set, and as digital.

a1. Deft - Scalp

a2. Cesco - Bomba

b1. Ternion Sound - Look No Further

b2. Drone - Blood Orange

c1. Lordel - Relic

c2. Visages - Memories

d1. Alix Perez - Concrete

d2. Machine Drum - Braided Leaves

e1. Monty - Valid

e2. Alix Perez - Black Spirit

f1. Bredren - Only One

f2. Alix Perez - Lock Off