FD - Lanta Nights EP [12" Blue Vinyl]


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Release Date: 3rd July 2020

London-born producer FD returns to The North Quarter with his new “Lanta Nights EP”, to be released on June 12th. After his masterful debut album “Better Days”  which transcended genres through a richly detailed palette - he now returns with a morecompact piece: all killers, no fillers. Drawing influences from Dub, Hip Hop and Soul and   mixing them with his London club roots, his growth as an artist and technician is clearly shown on this diverse but signature sounding 5 track EP. Lanta Nights kicks off with two vocal tracks: the first - Lie To You - is a delicate soulful track featuring Akemi Fox,with thesecond - The Feeling - a 90’s Hip Hop inspired jam featuring KinKai. The EP then dips intorolling Dub inspired science fiction mayhem for the final three tracks. Essential listening. 

“There isn’t a theme here really, because as an artist I find it important to express myself in a wide range of styles" FD explains. “It’s just me trying to put my own spin on what forme are ‘classic’ Drum & Bass fundamentals, expressing them in a contemporary way. Iwant to try and retain depth and honesty in my music, something that has been importantto me in music since I first got into it.”

a1. FD - The Creatures From Planet 9

a2. FD - Dedication (Roller Pt 2) 

b1. FD - This Is Not Science 

b2. FD - Lie To You ft Akemi Fox

b3. FD - The Feeling ft KinKai