Alex Jann - Cybernetik Memory (Dance Trax Vol.27)


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Release Date: 22nd May 2020

Alex Jann returns to Dance Trax after last year’s intense electro workout alongside Assembler Code. Here he fly’s solo showcasing his broad style of electro futurism - inspired by authentic machine funk, Jann re-imagines classic sounds for modern times. Marco Bernadi on flight deck reporting for remix duties - Stay alert!

a1. Alex Jann - Cybernetik Memory

a2. Alex Jann - CMD CNTR

a3. Alex Jann - Cybernetik Memory (Marco Bernardi Electric Bunker Mix)

b1. Alex Jann - Klep Klap

b2. Alex Jann - Don't Come Around

b3. Alex Jann - Inward Energy