Seekersinternational - Ragga Preservation Society EP [Repress]


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Repress Release Date: 30th April 2021

Seekersinternational sends dub into another dimension, a place where the laws of physics appear irrelevant. Formerly solid structures are made improbable and surreal; songs become dizzying, recursive mazes. But for all this weirdness, the Canadian producer has generally hung onto dub's loved-up feel.


a1. DubGanaGana

a2. AmenBreadren ft Sipreano

a3. SoundDedication

a4. DanceGwaan (EazeUp!)

a5. NoCompetition ft K!dlat

a6. Bubblers (Inter-rude) ft Sipreano

b1. TellURudeBwoy ft wzrdryAV

b2. ChannelTwo (MurderousDub)

b3. ForwardTheBass

b4. GunRingoX1&2 ft Sipreano

b5. InterOuterNational