DJ Pooch - Return Of the Skrufneck EP


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Release Date: 16th April 2021

Release number four on Amen Brother and this time we are joined by another old skool legend, DJ Pooch. Producing since 1992 on labels like Lucky Spin and United Dance, he has recently got all his old gear back out again and is producing using just analogue gear, to get that raw essence of the early 90’s.

This EP is pure hardcore rave, you won’t find many who can get it just right like Pooch. Drawing upon his years of DJing at the huge raves in the UK as well as his massive back catalogue, these four tunes will transport you back to a muddy field in the UK, listening to cassette tapes of pirate radio shows on the way!

Watch out for more original DJ Pooch material being repressed on Vinyl Fanatiks including his Skrufneck alias, where this EP gets its inspiration from.

a1. DJ Pooch - Dig Dis

a2. DJ Pooch - Dem Sensations

b1. DJ Pooch - Mind, Body & Soul

b2. DJ Pooch - Get Up