Yamen & EDA - Infinite Diversity EP


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Release Date: 15th April 2022

Subb-an continues to adapt and develop his One Records label with another EP from long-time collaborators Yamen & EDA. 

As per usual - the duo's productions rounds up One Records signature sound perfectly: neatly reduced, modern minimal that doesn't shout too loudly for attention but is highly effective on the dance floor.

The 'Joe Kerr' EP is brimming with active, bouncing bass lines, darting stabs and pacy drums. Also included is a remix from the label head himself who sticks a new engine in 'Infinite Diversity' giving it a more potent, gritty drive. Man on fire Youandewan also weighs in with his take on Joe Kerr which interweaves tight stabs and drums with effortless flair - a sound that he's become renowned for and one that does the job on the floor without fail.

a1. Yamen & EDA - Joe Kerr

a2. Yamen & EDA - Joe Kerr (Youandewan Remix)

b1. Yamen & EDA - Infinite Diversity

b2. Yamen & EDA - Infinite Diversity (Subb-an Remix)