Solid Gold Playaz & Dark Matrix - Theories Of The Ghetto Volume Three: Black Futurism


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Release Date: 8th April 2022

As with most other releases from the underground-at-all-costs Chicago based Mindinfluence Musicworks family, "Theories...Vol. 3 was for the most part only available over the weekend of Movement in Detroit in the spring of 2018. This record was released as the interest in SGP/Dark Matrix had reached a fever over the years since their most prolific output on losonofono, Kanzleramt, Soul Furic, DNH and countless others between the 90's and late 00's, and was intended as a message to let the world know that MiM still existed, and that more was to come.

Always under the surface, this release served as a placeholder to express some of the works left unheard in the years between their peak and resurfacing. with losonofono being their original home it seemed the most fitting, and with the label and artists' connection to the city of Detroit it seemed best to unveil the offering on the sneak tip as part of a losonofono label showcase event, along with a small amount being offered and quickly snatched up at pop up stores in Submerge and the usual hallowed haunts of Hello Records, Detroit Threads, and People's records. None of the copies dropped around survived the weekend on store shelves, with each making their way into crates of locals or visitors for the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of House and Techno.

After that, the records were stored, future plans were made, but time was limited. After a while releases from SGP/Dark Matrix emerged on Childhood intelligence, Freerange, Moods and Grooves and others. Then the main proponent of the group suddenly passed on. With that even more of a renewed interest in him and his works has developed, most recently with compilation appearances courtesy of Shante Celeste, more releases on Freerange and a slew of others yet to come. Time will tell on that. Until then, this is the last volume of the "Theories" series on losonofono. Hand Stamped, Numbered and embossed.

a1. Solid Gold Playaz - Man Machine Love

a2. Solid Gold Playaz - Man Machine Love (Machine Language)

b1. Dark Matrix - Mindinterlude (K Goes Deep)

b2. Dark Matrix - Swimming In Women

b3. Dark Matrix - Steppin @ The Tom Tom Club