Kid Drama - 2010 Again EP


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Release Date: 15th January 2021

Kid Drama returns to his label for the first time this year after the well received Ideal Form EP, he continues with his trademark infused mix of autonomic and 90s tech step to create the 2010 Again EP.

4 Tracks steeped in nostalgic yet forward thinking production.  The title track, 2010 Again, sees Drama draw for the infamous ‘Instra:mental’ drums with metallic thumps and fizzing sub bass frequencies interlaced with occasional delicate glimmers of light.

Next up is Diazedaze, which will take you drifting off on a lazy day, sit back and just watch the world rush past you.  This one will pull on the heart strings of any autonomic fan with its trademark keys and melodic chords.

Pivot is an 8 minute journey which goes against the current disposable, quick hit club style tunes of today.  Drawn out like a long unfolding trip, which could quite easily be the lovechild of Matrix and Krust, the progessive bass stabs and zaps build without any breakdown over the span of the track.  A hypnotic almost technolike offering.

The final track, Thoughtcast 7, again sees Drama shun conventional mixes as he pushes the drums to the back of the mix with a thin skeletal framework sitting on a subsonic 808 bed. Drama said his inspiration for the tune was drawn from a lot of Moving Shadow’s catalogue through the 90’s with his own unique twist.

All in all another cohesive and solid selection from the CNVX stable.

a1. Kid Drama - 2010 Again

a2. Kid Drama - Diazedaze

b1. Kid Drama - Pivot 

b2. Kid Drama - Thoughtcast