Fanu boasts an ever-expanding discography of breakbeat music in varying tempos. After releasing drum & bass on several indie labels such as Subtitles, Offshore, Commercial Suicide, and Ninja Tune, Janne started his own, Lightless Recordings, and has, later on, joined the ranks of the highly respected Metalheadz label and even visited the US-based Redef Records with his FatGyver hip hop alias.

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Fanu - Truth and Lies (If I didn’t put my new record here, I’d be doing it wrong.)
I’m very happy about this one: my audio engineering and tutoring business keeps me so busy these days, I don’t make tunes as often as when I was 20.This is one of my testaments to breakbeat style DNB and jungle. I want to keep the beats fresh instead of always churning the same breaks, and this record will tell you a story about that.
Even has my version of the classic Tramen break, on track “Famen”.

Quartz - Snakes EP
Quartz is one of the best DNB beatlayers at the moment, period.
Grrrreat sound design, and I like his drums and atmospheres.
Original is what I want to say…often dark and menacing vibes, very headzy!

Kaotic Chemistry - Drumtrip (25 Years Of Metalheadz)
Headzy vibes here!
Great to see one of my favourite current producers, Detboi, put his remixing hat on…full Headz flavour here.
Other remixes are hecking nice, too…kids, this is that real breakbeat music.

Jahgahnaut / Ark X - The Game 001
Jahganaut is a young gun who keeps making loads and loads of tunes!
He’s got tons of jungle ammo…keep an eye out for him.
4-on-the-floor kick with breaks does work at the right tempo…and it’ll make you dance.

VA - Year Zero
You don’t hear Finnish jungle/DNB every day!
All killers, no fillers here.
Especially “Prophecy” somehow takes me to somewhere 2005 or so when we had a great breaks revival going on.

NORTHSIDE - The First Wave of Drum & Bass in Finland
Another classy cultural move from Straight Up Breakbeat: prime Finnish DNB / jungle cuts.
Chances are this may be sold out, so you may have to hunt it down, but the chase will be worth it.
Has an old Fanu classic, “Two Drummers”, finally on wax, ca. 15 years after it was made!

Schmeichel - Mana, Focus & NoBreakfast EP
Defrostatica is a forward-thinking bass music label from Leipzig that offers various vibes, often leaning towards footwork.
“Sting” is my pick on this one…lush, bassy footworky stuff I’d play in a DJ set between all the breaky stuff!

Ako Beatz Presents: Tek 9 & Sonar Circle LP - Anachronistic Black Vinyl [2x12" Vinyl]
Early Tek 9 was a big influence on me, so I’m happy to see him still making music!
This is a collabo record with Sonar Circle.
It may not be exactly what you expected…and that’s a good thing!

Kemistry & Storm ‎- DJ-Kicks
It’s amazing that this old classic has been repressed!
Jonny L’s “Uneasy” is a prime cut from the man who always had A+ custom breakbeats of his own, served with excellent sound design.
Good variety here.

Aphex Twin - Syro
Gotta love some good old Aphex.
Very inspirational stuff: you listen to this and you’ll get musical ideas immediately.
A good serving with nothing over-the-top or too mellow.
I love and hate “180dB” a lot!

Fanu - Truth & Lies EP
Straight Up Breakbeat
(£11.50 Inc VAT)
Quartz - Snakes EP [Marbled Vinyl]
Samurai Music
(£10.97 Inc VAT)
Kaotic Chemistry - 25 Years of Metalheadz Part 3
(£10.32 Inc VAT)
Jahgahnaut / Ark X - The Game 001
The Game
(£13.80 Inc VAT)
Various Artists - Year Zero EP
Straight Up Breakbeat
(£9.98 Inc VAT)
NORTHSIDE - The First Wave of Drum & Bass in Finland [2x12" Vinyl LP]
Straight Up Breakbeat
(£24.98 Inc VAT)
Schmeichel - Mana, Focus & NoBreakfast EP
Defrostatica Records
(£9.56 Inc VAT)
Ako Beatz Presents: Tek 9 & Sonar Circle LP - Anachronistic Black Vinyl [2x12" Vinyl]
AKO Beatz
(£24.95 Inc VAT)
Kemistry & Storm ‎- DJ-Kicks [2 x 12" Vinyl LP]
(£22.20 Inc VAT)
Aphex Twin - Syro [3 x LP]
Warp Records
(£28.32 Inc VAT)