Workforce - Your Moves EP


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Release Date: Jan 2020

The 'Your Moves EP' will be Workforce's third release overall and the first release to appear on a different label other than his native, Must Make Music outlet.

In a short time Workforce has already carved out a strong identity in the music he is releasing. There are values, details and characteristics that set his work apart from anyone else. This singularity is of course underpinned by a strong sense of function, the sense of function is something that connects all of his work.

On Your Moves EP, we are given six tracks that further the Workforce mission, a confident and assured release from Jack Stevens that will no doubt be held in as high regard from peers and listeners alike.

a1. Workforce - Your Moves

a2. Workforce - Doughy

b1. Workforce - Didger

b2. Workforce - Make Me