Adam Pits - Stagga EP


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Release Date: 6th September 2019

Adam’s first release on Holding Hands was a special one for the label. It really felt like the first time that we had a release that was properly doing the rounds. All the big dogs and cats were playing the living shit out of it and dance floors around the world were slamming’ and a jammin’ to the sound of Holding Hands.

Since then Adam has gone from strength to strength with more dynamite releases on Wex and Seven Hills, as himself and also in the duo Space Cadets with Lisene. I knew that his return to the label where it all began had to be even bigger than the first outing and boy did he bring not just the biscuits but the whole bloody tin along for the ride.

a1. Adam Pits - Stagga

b1. Adam Pits - Pest Control

b2. Adam Pits - Stagga (OCB Remix)