Ash The Author x Barry Manalog - Cloudriders / Extraterrestrial [7" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 19th April 2019

The first release from Certain Sound is a collaborative effort, the result being two stellar tracks from the dynamic duo; Producer, DJ and label owner Barry Manalog, with MC and all-round wordsmith Ash The Author.

Side A, Cloud Riders, is a light and poetic number. The production oozes those jazz stylings reminiscent of that classic Hip Hop vibe, something to nod your head to on a late night. Ash’s lyrical content is hopeful, and dream filled, rising above the clouds like Superman with his Lois Lane. Smooth as butter, the production and vocals go together effortlessly.

Side B, Extraterrestrial, completely flips the script! Whilst side A had us riding through the clouds, Side B completely blasts off and takes us out of this world! The production is gargantuan, heavy drums, haunting samples, it hits you like a slap in the face! Ash comes in on exactly the same tip, a relentless barrage of wordplay and punchlines. Venomous, but still with that slice of wit we’ve come to love him for, Ash’s hunger really comes through on this track! To top it off, we have some seriously ferocious cuts from veteran turntablist DJ Chud, from the legendary Steel Devils crew.

a1. Ash The Author x Barry Manalog - Cloudriders

b1. Ash The Author x Barry Manalog - Extraterrestrial