FaltyDL - If All The People Took Acid (w/ Octo Octa Remix)


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Release Date: 25th January 2019

If All The People Took Acid, we wouldn’t get much done. FaltyDL’s second release on his own imprint Blueberry Records. And it sees him going back to basics. Dance floor bubbling lead track “If All The People Took Acid” jacks you directly into an updated ACID soundscape. The tune also gets remix treatment from the inimitable Octo Octa, taking the acid squelching to an even higher level. Both sample someone explaining their experience with acid from a 1960’s documentary on Acid and its effects on the brain. Flesh Of Acid & Scream Acid are both designed to catch you off guard on the dance floor, perhaps even terrify you. Its an energy thing, we believe clubs should be both safe and electrifying at the same time. That feeling of entering a club and not knowing what the night will hold… it’s the same feeling you got as a kid when you climbed a tree to high and thought, shit I might not make it down. But you always did, you always did. EP comes housed in a beautiful sleeve designed by longtime FaltyDL collaborator, Tom Simon.

a1. If All The People Took Acid 

a2. Flesh Of Acid 

b1. If All The People Took Acid (Octo Octa remix) 

b2. Scream Acid

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