Benson Streaker - Ulterior Guidance


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Release Date: 5th August 2022

The enigmatic Benson Streaker returns to Canapé this summer with a sweltering four-track 12”: ‘Ulterior Guidance’.

Transcending the woozy microcosm of breakbeat and electronica established on his label debut [CNP015 - ‘The Body / Something’s Not Right’], CNP020 sees Streaker push his sound into opulent technicolour.

Amid a wash of psychedelic hues, A1 (’Strange Operator’) beckons with an irresistibly saturated tech-house skip. Seatbelts are advised, as Benson’s heart-throb 4x4 propels us to a strange, yet loving, astral plane.

A2 illustrates a co-existence of sophistication and minimalism rarely found in post-millennial house music; an otherworldly vocal (courtesy of Ursula Rucker) is glued effortlessly with Streaker’s understated percussion, on the blissful 7-minute title track.

On the flip side, ‘Dimension’ (B1) thrusts us into a Balearic haze of raves-gone-by. Glimpses of early acid house and trance permeate this shimmering and uplifting club-pumper, before our cosmic journey concludes with the elegant and soulful ‘It’s Yours’ (B2). Acting as a reminder of our Earthly genesis, shades of quintessential minimal house and UK garage tastefully underpin this 00’s-inspired stomper.

a1. Benson Streaker - Strange Operator

a2. Benson Streaker - Ulterior Guidance

b1. Benson Streaker - Dimension

b2. Benson Streaker - It’s Yours