Various Artists - Street Beats Vol. 2 [CD]


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Basement Records presents its 2nd volume of Street Beats Classics. This set includes the unreleased Peshay & Roger Johnson - Crazy Day Dreams (Original 93 Dubplate Mix), a holy grail Dubplate for the Drum N Bass Old Skool Collectors. Also featured are another 8 stunning Drum & Bass Cuts from the original 10" series released on the Street Beats Label back in 1993. 

The tracks were produced by Roger Johnson, Peshay & Roger Johnson & Peshay & The Truper. Some of the tracks are listed as Unknown Artists / Unknown Titles, this is because the back up Dats were not marked up so cannot confirm 100% which tracks are by whom, but can confirm that these tracks were produced by Peshay & Roger Johnson or Peshay & The Truper.

01. Peshay & Roger Johnson - Crazy Daydreams (Original Dubplate Mix)

02. Peshay & Roger Johnson - See the Light (Volume 1A)

03. Peshay & Roger Johnson - Untitled (Volume 1AA)

04. Unknown - Untitled (Volume 6AA)

05. Unknown - Untitled (Volume 2A)

06. Unknown - Untitled (Volume 2AA)

07. Peshay & The Truper - Untitled (Volume 5A)

08. Peshay & The Truper - Untitled (Volume 5AA)

09. Unknown - Untitled (Volume 6A)

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