Arnheim - Come Into Rain EP Part 1


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Release Date: 23rd November

The new offshoot of Isaiah Tapes - Baptismo Alpinismo - presents brooding soundscapes in a 7-inch red-marbled cut. The two pieces by Arnheim work as soundtracks for individuals braving themselves towards self discovery within the structures of the concrete jungles. 

Come Into Rain dominates with minimalistic harmonies of industrial vocation; supplements its percussive rhythms and reflects current movement of nasty landscape figures..

Red Blue borrows direct from these surroundings…. Echoes of funky drums, ever so powerful in clubs of dancers are still resonant and the depth of piano still sonorous. The saxophone solo is taken direct from this concrete jungle, its environment seeping into the groove. Cars, sirens, people, the monotony of city captured on the two-sided, red-marbled, disk for ones' own self discovery. Soundscapes for innerview.


a1. Come Into Rain

b1. Red Blue