Sam KDC - Law Of The Trapezoid


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Marbled vinyl 12" with artwork sticker. 

A1 – Atonement: Sam KDC has a great talent for creating deep and intriguing works that have a magical quality to them. This is obvious yet again in another outing on Auxiliary with his Law of the Trapezoid EP. The first track has a very mechanical and engineered feel to it. Think whirling metallic objects and your getting into the right ball park so to speak. The cold other worldly synth sounds set the backdrop of a futuristic vista, tapping percussions that loop and transfix the listener into an almost hypnotised state all add up to a quite unique experience. There is a lot of energy here and its distributed in a way as not to be overpowering but to make a firm point musically.

A2 – Summoned: continues down that mechanised road but this one really feels like it could be used in a sci-fi classic, something along the lines of Mad Max. The warped feeling here is one of drifting space sounds meeting harsh bass tones with a vibrant beat structure. The chords used have a dramatic urgency to them and really give this tune visual quality. The groove of the beats is really interesting and they have a stuttering arrangement that shuffles the track along in a positive manner. The overall arrangement is well thought out, and each part of the track seems to bed well with all of the others, the overall end product is superb.

B1 – Vertex: The flip side kicks off with Vertex. This track has more of an industrial quality to it. The deep oscillating low end synth sound is so deep you may need breathing equipment to fully appreciate its depth. This is complimented with very alien sounding pads and effect noises. The rising leads really stand out and cuts through the mix like a spatial timing device tapping out a sequential rhythm counting down to some event. The Lower end of the track is held together with a subbed out kick drum that just plods along in a supporting role. A great track with an eerie feeling that has a massive stamp of originality.

B2 – Clairvoyance: Sam ends the EP with an acid infused piece entitled Clairvoyance. The track is obviously lead by the fierce 303 acid line that really has an aggressive and fore frontal stature. This really does give this track a huge boost of energy, its not for the feint of heart. The other elements that support this acidic beast come from the more industrial side of what Sam KDC produces. Wobbly percussive tapping noises add a groove to the track that does not require a more traditional kick, snare, hat structure. This really has to be commended as the overall uplifting sections of this tune are synth driven. It really does drive home the head nodding and wild dance outs that only something with more driving beats could equal.

Overall this is another great release from Sam KDC, his musical breadth can range from pure ambient to wild and crazy synth mayhem. Its all done with a touch of class and care, all you SKDC diehards this is a no brainer. Auxiliary again releases another EP of pure originality and this is what makes it stand out as a label in the modern age.

a1. Atonement

a2. Summoned

b1. Vertex

b2. Clairvoyance