Radioactive Man - Sonicus Croniclus Vol 1 [10" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 9th July 2021

Radioactive Man reveals his new10”  series  Sonicus Croniclus on Asking For Trouble, with the incredible first release - Sonicus Croniclus Vol 1 set for release on 14th April. This new project sees Radioactive Man launch  a series of 10" records taking mostly live set jams and turning them into full tracks. The artwork as ever comes from long-time design partner Lung. Using plasticine to make the art for the covers, with matching coloured vinyl this will be a collectors series.

Side A ‘Unsaid’ sees Radioactive Man launching into a bass heavy stepper, peppered with broken-beats and spurts of Amen. The track has a stripped-back, slowed down junglist vibe. Side B ‘Born in the USB’ is a more moody affair. A low-slung, dubby, driving jam, bubbling up with acid lines and just enough machine funk.

A. Unsaid

B. Born In The USB