BLNDR - Fluid System [Vinyl only]


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A1 - Fluid System : The first track on the EP comes from a deep and spaced out place. The feeling here is of a cold sci-fi futuristic scene in which the listener is transported in some kind of entity or vessel. A subtle, atmospheric quality is very laid back but has a sense of suspense in the soundscape. Pad and synth sounds used here are very effective for creating an astral landscape, and they have a very visual style to them. Percussive elements are  cyclic and draw you deeper into the realm of the track. Stuttered soft kicks, hypnotic hats and drum sounds are well laid out add have that “oozes quality” feel about them. The bass is simple enough to allow the other components of the tune to stand upon this pulse sound.

A2 - Inlet Gauge : takes the science fiction vibes up a notch by adding a more dramatic energy to the track. The beats here are more urgent, with fast hats and tapping noise blended with a more immediate kick sound. The groove of all of the drum parts is a head nodders dream, and the sense of immediacy is there for all to hear. The pulse bass also follows this pattern, and its far more intense than the first piece on the EP. Ghostly echoe effects are the part of this tune that create the hypnotic feelings to the leading beat structure. This is a proper drift away moment whilst going slightly crazy on the dance floor at the same time.

B1 - Fluid System (Refracted Remix) : The first to take on the original Fluid System track, and takes it down a more powerful and traditional techno road. The loop of the lead sounds has more presence in the mix, and the kick drum more dance floor focused. The brush hats add a softening quality to the other sharp and heavy parts. This does not detract from the overall presence of the remix and gives a maturity to the final arrangement. This is a pure techno beast of a remix and would have the dance floor going all wobbly and shaky to its rhythmic temptation.

B2 - Fluid System (Mod21 Remix) :  follows on with the second remix of the lead track on the EP. A deeper and more thought provoking remix, lends itself to the feeling of the cold space journey of the original. The bass sound is the prominent player here and has a real earthy sound to it. Pads and spatial drifting elements are present and give a nod to the original version. The kick drum really stands out, which enables the Mod21 remix to have a real solidity and punch to it without being overly dominant. A very hypnotising remix and finishes the first EP on Annulled Music off to perfection.

Vinyl only release

a1. Fluid System

a2. Inlet Gauge

b1. Fluid System (Refracted Remix)

b2. Fluid System (Mod21 Remix)