Huerta - Apache Line EP (with Youandewan) [180g 12" Vinyl]


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Released 5th August 2016

Amadeus sees itself yet again graced by the California-gone-Berlin coastal confidant, Stephen Huerta. Preparing his fourth record for the imprint, Huerta sets a mood of what is to be his best record to date. Bringing along fellow expatriate and Berlin-based producer Youandewan (of Secret Sundaze and Aus Music fame) along with him. Aside and forefront club-track, “Mandala,” carries itself through chugging shakers and pad-work, held tightly in place by the squelchy, off-kilter lead. The tune never quite sits still, bubbling about by each percolating percussive layer. Backed by what was jokingly coined the “California Garage Track,” “Eistee” is at best the chiller-fitting you would want. Jacking percussion and complimenting drum programming give this track It’s toughness. The Bside houses the first collaboration from the two. With the intro’s minimally-structured progression, “Apache Line,” only reaches its incline after the minute mark. Spring delayed and filtered heavily, the track’s wonky lead bleeds through as if to enrapture you in its thermal clutch. Wrapping up the record we’ve asking Youandewan to add the floor-readied “Yo Endlos.” The track is definitively what you would want as a closer; simplicity in its step but tightness throughout its progression.

a1. Huerta - Mandala

a2. Huerta - Eistee

b1. Huerta - Apache Line (feat. Youandewan)

b2. Youandewan - Yo Endios