Lord Jabu - Yagoda


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Release Date - 31st May 2019

Listen! Lord Jabu synthesises 64-bit dream-ware with solid-state trap in his crystalline 3-track release, ‘Yagoda’. In ‘Folklore’, colourful cubist polygons dance beneath festival-drunk Hyrule twilight. ‘Threehead’ goes grim, watching purple-skinned ogres bang distorted djembes in the lost woods. ‘Yagoda’ burrows deep, plucking the melodic soul of an abandoned young hero with no way home. Electrifying the murky, the lost and the lonely, Lord Jabu’s debut on Albion Collective opens the dancefloor up to a full-scale adventure.

a1. Lord Jabu - Treehead

b1. Lord Jabu - Folklore

b2. Lord Jabu - Yagoda