Digid & Dubbing Sun / Egoless - Rainbow Dub


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Released 11th August 2017

Serving avid listeners around the globe with ample amounts of quality bass weight, Albion Collective untethers their third, highly anticipated vinyl installment. The U.K.-based imprint has quickly grown to showcase a multifaceted approach to Dubstep - releasing prime selections driven by low frequency oscillations. Ranging from Vaun & Jafu’s jazzy reverberations with J.Sparrow on contemplative version business to the experimental dancefloor music of talented producer Taiko - their return to the spotlight amasses a dream team of Dubwise visionaries - Digid, Dubbing Sun and Croatian bass wonder Egoless, contributing a version. Based in Belgium and Austria respectively, Digid and Dubbing Sun have swiftly ascertained themselves as one of their countries leading figures in Dub-affine bass music with joint vinyl releases on J:Kenzo’s Lion Charge and Archetype Records among others, as well as successful solo projects, such as Digid’s recent ZamZam Sounds debut and Dubbing Sun’s own quality vinyl-only imprint.

Emerging through pristine and crystal clear sound, Digid’s ‘Rainbow Dub’ kicks off the record in a colourful exhibition of livid chord stabs and melodies, minimal percussion tastefully appended. As low frequency oscillations set the air in motion, listeners find themselves in a true-to-the-roots modern dub extravaganza, skanking: mandatory. As is customary ‘Come Dung’ allures listeners as the expertly crafted fusion of version and original business that is is, hurling another massive rhythm, accompanied by a lively arrangement, that does the pioneers of the old days justice.

Coming together for the flip-side, Digid & Dubbing Sun crafted a roots earthquake of tremendous proportions. ‘Dread Come Again’ has come to conquer keen sound systems all over as anthemic brass stabs echo along the dub-infused soundscape and a monumental bassline hauls both its weight and groove to every last fibre of your body. Last but in no conceivable way least, the recent Deep Medi and Tempa signee Egoless turns ‘Dread Come
Again’ on its head - stripping the music down to its warbly core of rhythm and bass, drenched and covered in shifting spaces and creative usage of his varied palette of analogue effects - a mind-bending version, worthy of the anthemic original.

a1. Digid - Rainbow Dub

a2. Digid - Come Dung

b1. Digid & Dubbing Sun - Dread Come Again

b2. Digid & Dubbing Sun - Dread Come Again (Egoless Remix)