Handra & Mystic State [Icnl. Fre4knc Remix] - Side Effects


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Release Date: TBA 2018

Can you believe we're past our first 10 dnb vinyl releases? And we're opening the second 10 with something really big - a hell of a track by Handra and Mystic State, accompanied by a superb remix by Fre4knc on the flipside. "Side Effects" - as that's the title of the track in question - is all about that bass (hehe). That booming bassline, lifting the finely-programmed, soft beats up and down, adding some additional depth to the mysterious synthetic growling creeping up on the listener in the background. The single offers also yet another shade of the main course. Fre4knc dissects the original bits and pieces and puts them together in a new fashion, creating a dynamic roller driven by a no-nonsense continuous bassline, spicing things up with some heavy breakbeat choppage here and there. All in all, we're treating you to a healthy portion of low frequencies, well-rounded, tasty beats, and a range of diverse additives that cause no harmful side effects (yup, pun intended).

a. Handra & Mystic State - Side Effects

b. Handra & Mystic State - Side Effects (Fre4knc remix)