Manni Dee - Everything Sullied


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Release Date: 19th April 2019

It's an honour for S.L.A.M. to welcome long time friend Manni Dee to the label after his debut album on Tresor. Inspired by the progression of London's anti-rave direction since Thatcher took office, we present four original tracks as part of his contribution to the resistance. Take your pick of 4/4 on the A-side. Powerful tools each creating unique dance floor tension, hypnotic synths and driving drum work a common theme. The B-side contains a broken beat anthem that has been doing damage since the demo was received and the record is completed with a final call to "Comply or Die".

a1. Manni Dee - Take & Never Give

a2. Manni Dee - Hostile Environment

b1. Manni Dee - A Philistine Like You

b2. Manni Dee - Comply or Die

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