Subjoi - Steadfast EP [Blue 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 12th November 2021

Subjoi has a long history with Shall Not Fade, an early addition to the Lost Palms series which now hits its 48th release. The Adelaide-based producer had two stunning EPs on the label in 2020, displaying his signature blends of eclectic dance music styles.

Compared to last year's Bias, Steadfast EP is a more understated affair, leaving space for Subjoi's production skill to shine. The title track pairs piano melodies and subtle breakbeat for an emotive sound easing into "Count It Off", where slow pads give way to a beat that takes influence from UK garage and jungle. By coupling this high-energy style with sombre chords, Subjoi makes a uniquely melancholy club track.

Yearning vocals and synth stabs build complexity in "Rapids", a forward late night number. The closing track keeps the haunting atmosphere of the rest of the records, fading out as subtly as it began with an organic sound palette contrasting the stuttering 2-step beat.

A1 Subjoi - Steadfast

A2 Subjoi - Count It Off

B1 Subjoi - Rapids

B2 Subjoi - In The Ashes