Demi Riquísimo - Reconfigured


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Release Date: 1st April 2022

Demi Riquísimo follows his superb ‘Better Days’ VA with a hefty six-track remix EP on his ever- evolving Semi Delicious record label. Not surprisingly, Demi garners reworks from some of the hottest names in the underground circuit at the minute, each reinventing his truly original dancefloor sounds with their own unique tinge.

Kassian come screaming in with a super-chuggin’ up-tempo revamp on ’54 Reasons’. Nip-tuck- tight 4x4 house groove with a wonky, explorative synth bassline that marries the soft, undulating synth pads and sensual vocal snippets harmoniously. T. Jacques offers up his atypical rolling acid- house. Blending trance-like tones with buckets of organic drum machines and M1 Organ stabs that just never get old.

The cheeky chaps Jive Talk present a remix unlike any other, fusing boogie-funk and Greg Wilson style electro with naked bassline squelches and gurn-worthy pads primed for the chill-out room. Black Loops takes his signature sound to ‘Certified’, while swapping out his usual deep-house sound for some raw UK 2-step beats.

‘Machine Tagine’ gets a racing-rework from Manuel Darquart, primed with 606 hi-hats and endlessly modulating FM basslines for this extremely hard-hitting remix. Finally, Holding Hands regular Baby Rollén whips up some 90’s breakbeat across ‘Spice Rack’, allowing Demi’s immaculate hook-writing to shine through in his mix.

a1. 54 Reasons (Kassian Remix)

a2. Second Element (T. Jacques Remix)

a3. A Lifetime On The Hips (Jive Talk Remix)

b1. Certified (Black Loops Remix)

b2. Tagine Machine (Manuel Darquart Remix)

b3. Spice Rack (Baby Rollen Remix)