Adam BFD - Rose EP


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Release Date: 29th April 2022

On his follow-up to his inaugural Running out of Steam Release, No Advice, French DJ and producer Adam BFD lets imagination thrive with five mesmerizing breaksy house cuts, best heard under a star-lit sky. Duality flows seamlessly throughout the whole record, Adam harnessing the power to connect everyday experiences with a higher state of consciousness.

The EP kicks off with ‘Digital Tales’ which layers wistful secrets over mood-altering pads; it’s hypnotic undertone grounding and continuous. ‘Cirrus Dreamz' ascends even further into the clouds, it’s steady pace expertly infused with cosmic melody and shuffling rhythms. In a world driven by hyper-connectivity, Adam’s productions are a welcome reminder to stop and explore, none more so than in the immersive world of B side opener ‘1st Sight’. Dynamic percussion provides the movement, while meditative sonics produce the feeling of being swept up in a magic carpet and taken along for the ride. Adam’s depth of field widens in title track ‘Rose’, a quasi-epic composition combining all the best elements of house and breakbeat.

The record comes to a contemplative halt with ‘Siniestro’ - an ambient bubble-bath with field recordings poignantly placed across developing pads yearning for connection; showcasing another side to a producer who knows how to tug at the heartstrings. 

A1. Digital Tales

A2. Cirrus Dreamz

B1. 1st Sight

B2. Rose

B3. Siniestro