Marc Hype & DJ Suspect - This is DJs Choice Vol.3


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Release Date 26th April 2019

The crate digging aficionados Marc Hype from Berlin & DJ Suspect from Paris met the first time in real life 2014 at a 45 soundclash on the infamous Le Batofar party boat in Paris, organized by the funky frenchman himself. After the second gig on the same weekend in Lille, a girl from the crowd asked Marc who they were and he quick-fire answered : "The Untouchables", which became the french version, Les Intouchables, as their moniker straight away. A brotherhood evolved from this point on, led to several tours and finally this compilation right here. Both are playing leading roles in the renaissance of spinning multi-genred 45 records to crowds worldwide.

They are members of the 45 Live collective from the UK and the Dusty Donuts DJ Squad, the much celebrated vinyl only label which Marc Hype co-founded the same year. As for this fine compilation, the idea was to show a roundup of typical songs that stays in their record boxes, but to give the listeners the opportunity to listen to them at home, as 7" records are a typical DJ's choice and not too comfortable for home listening pleasure, instead of albums. So here we are now, dug out a portion of their crates with all-time favourites and lots of classics from their extended music families too. 

So sit back ,relax and let yourself go. Les Intouchables taking care of the rest.

01. J. Rawls - A Tribute To Troy

02. Sons Of Time - Before Sundown (feat. J-Live)

03. Sam Knats - Revive Rap (Jim Sharp Remix) [feat. El Da Sensei & Gee Bag]

04. Space Invadas - Done It Again

05. Melvin Sparks - If You Want My Love (If You Want My Love) [feat. Jimmy Scott]

06. Smith & The Honey Badgers - The Billionaire Strut

07. Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Man Of Your Word

08. Osaka Monaurail - No Trouble On The Mountain (feat. Shirley Davis)

09. Ann Sexton & The Baltic Soul Orchestra - You're Losing Me

10. Marc Gregor - Mabusso

11. Benjamin & The Dreamdancers - Not One More Tear

12. Djar One - The Get Down (feat. Andy Cooper)

13. Misumani & First Touch - Prove Your Love

14. Skyy - Call Me

15. Hollie Cook - Postman