Madvillain - Madvillainy II: The Madlib Remixes


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Available: 13th June 2022

At some point in the mid-2000s Madlib got itchy fingers from waiting around to do a second Madvillain record. To keep himself busy he decided to make a bunch of new beats for MF DOOM’s bars from their seminal 2004 LP. Initially conceived for Madlib’s private stash, it turned out that the new joints were just too damn good to gather dust in his attic. Thus have we Madvillainy II: The Madlib Remixes, a generous album that pairs DOOM’s famous flows with another set of fire instrumentals from The Beat Konducta.

Pow (intro)
No Brain
Light Of The Past
Boulder Holder
Borrowed Time
Coast To Coast
Invazion (interlude)
Fire In The Hole
Monkey Suit
Fluid (instrumental)
Can't Reform Em
Redd Spot (interlude)
Running Around With Another
Butter King Jewels
The Sermon
Blueberry Fields (instrumental)
Confucius Spot (interlude)
Never Go Pop
Savage Beast (instrumental)
The Cold One
The Cold One (reprise)