Sunnysun - Sunstrumental, Vol. 2 [7" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 26th July 2019

We said it was only the beginning and we kept our promise!

Here's the second instalment of the Sunstrumental, a raw-dirty-neck breakin'-instrumental-beats 7'' series by the tireless hiphop multitasker Sunnysun. As the journey continues, all the signs point towards a classic, dope on plastic trilogy in the making...

The tracks on this double sider are still banged out on his MPC. Vol. 2 kicks off with "Fizikal Funk", a nod to the school of boom bap with a rhythmical twist. The title of the flip side "Dance Battle" unambiguously tells it all. It reflects Sunny's heavy immersion in the hiphop dance community.

Sunnysun is an all-rounder: as a teenager he quickly established himself as a versatile MC with impeccable freestyle skills, then shifted towards deejaying and when he's not dealing seeds and other growing equipment, producing rap videos or setting up his record shop, he's tapping on his MPC. It's a 360 degrees hiphop hustle.

a. Fizikal Funk

b. Dance Battle