Reflec - SWITCH


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Release Date: 18th June 2021

Introducing ‘SWITCH’ from Reflec, the first release on his brand-new imprint SOAKER SOUND; a label intent on exploring left-leaning club sounds as we make our imminent return to the club. A powerful statement of serious things to come; SWITCH is an ice-cold, eski 6 tracker that puts a fresh spin on the golden days of UK grime. Released on 03.05.2021 on vinyl and digital, SWITCH drops in time to soundtrack the summer and can be pre-ordered here.

The debut release from the bossman himself, Reflec takes us on a journey through the classic eski UK sound across SWITCH’s six tracks, also pulling influence from Grime, UK Techno and Dancehall. Inspired by one of the most influential strains of grime, eski, SWITCH is grime for the dancefloor and for the ravers; intense, energic, and cold as ice, Reflec updates Eski with a 2021 approach.

a1. Reflec - Switch 

a2. Reflec - Chambers 

a3. Reflec - Scorpio

b1. Reflec - Rituals

b2. Reflec - Sleep

b3. Reflec - Peppermint