Neil Landstrumm - Sell_By_Date LP [2x12" Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 18th February 2022

A future proofed masterpiece of hybrid rhythms, basslines and metallic funk created on a MPC3000 and recorded as live jams over many studio sessions in the Witness Rooms, Scotland.

The recipe is futuristic but the  main ingredients come from the UK  with subtle tastes of the West Coast and Detroit. This new LP holds off  the retro rave appeal keeping this record placed well into the years ahead.

The Sell_By_Date LP, is undeniably Landstrumm laced with his signature sound and vibe.

Double Vinyl and Digital release with 3 bonus tracks.

a1. Neil Landstrumm - Dip It And Whip It

a2. Neil Landstrumm - Sound Of The Siren

b1. Neil Landstrumm - Time For The Foghorn

b2. Neil Landstrumm - Lock It

c1. Neil Landstrumm - Bergeraxxe

c2. Neil Landstrumm - Dream Girl

d1. Neil Landstrumm - Trust Me ft Chunky

d2. Neil Landstrumm - Shakka

d3. Neil Landstrumm - Katie's Feeling Better