Yosh - The Warning EP


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Release Date: 17th December 2021

Bookending a year of Time Is Now releases, close label affiliate and master of the UKG revival scene, Yosh returns with The Warning. The London-based producer is skillful in his creation of break-heavy, dubbed-up tracks to fire up the party, and blown up with releases on Dansu Discs and Holding Hands under his belt this year.

This EP hits from the start; hyper breaks meet down low sub bass on "How We Roll" in a minimalist roller. "2 Times" goes back to the classics with a stylish two step groove and expansive diva vocals, one for the old schoolers while the frenetic energy of "It Goes" will rumble
easily through a club.

Yosh slows the pace for "Shape The Future", which grows from a staccato rhythm into a cheeky distorted stinker that rolls smoothly into "Pigments", the playful bassline closer with an explosive drop which requires a reload.

A1 YOSH - How We Roll

A2 YOSH - 2 Times

B1 YOSH - It Goes

B2 YOSH - Shape The Future

B3 YOSH - Pigments