Y U QT - Sweet Fantasy


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Release Date: 15th July 2022

Y U QT are back on Time Is Now, and with them they're bringing the sun. "Sweet Fantasy" EP sees the Leicester duo return to what they do best: capturing UKG at its least po-faced, and most energetic.

And who better to help kick off proceedings than the one of the most recognisable voices in today's UKG revival? Ell Murphy's smooth-as-syrup vocals add another level of dynamism to the already-buoyant 4x4 garage banger "Fantasy", coming complete with a hook just as irresistible as the ones which shot their previous releases to success. "Buss Down" picks up the energy with propulsive kickdrums and old school MC vocal chops before "Leaving All Your Cares Behind" follows suit, adding a feel-good vocal melody for an extra serotonin hit. It's up to the more light-footed "Just Be Friends" to leave a sweet taste in our mouths. Euphoric Korg organ stabs give a sense of nostalgia whilst a meandering bassline lends it plenty of swing

A1 Y U QT feat. Ell Murphy - Fantasy

A2 Y U QT - Buss Down

A3 Y U QT - Leaving All Your Cares Behind

B1 Y U QT - Just Be Friends