Xander - Restless EP


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Release Date: 25th March 2022

Over And Out label head and all-round speed garage bubbler Xander joins the Breaks ‘N’ Pieces family with his sights firmly set on deep and dark 2-step grooves following a string of killer Bandcamp releases through his own DIGI series.

Those with a keen ear for the emerging producers sound will have heard lead track ‘Restless’ across the BBC Radio 1 airwaves as part of Jaguar’s show; Looney Tune inspired sound effects give a whacky feel to the growling bassline and crisp percussion, before Break-a-Dawn provides a glimpses into a previously unexplored side of the Xander sound - dreamy atmospherics mould with playful vocal samples and rolling breakbeats in a killer blend of warm-up and UK energy.

‘Untitled (Afterhours Mix)’ is designed specifically for the club; large wubs and stipped-back production make for a minimal wobbler designed to set dancefloors alight, while ‘Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ maintains the darkness with flashes of screw-face brilliance.

Finally, Main Phase comes through with a massive speed garage remix of ‘Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ crafting for sweaty hugs and beautiful moments on the dancefloor.

A1. Restless

A2. Break-A-Dawn

A3. Untitled (After Hours Mix)

B1. Don't Stop, Won't Stop

B2. Don't Stop, Won't Stop (Main Phase Remix)